April 30, 2020

Poetry on the Web: Poetry Day in Ireland

Poetry Day
"Poetry has always changed with the changing world. If it doesn’t, it will run the risk of not being a living language."  ~ Eaven Boland

Today, April 30th, is Poetry Day in Ireland. The theme is “There Will Be Time.” Poetry Ireland lists "What's On."


Photo by Jan Claire 
and quotation from the Irish Examiner

Brennan, Marjorie. "‘Poetry has Always Changed with the Changing World’: Eavan Boland Keen for Poetry to Move with the Digital Age." Irish Examiner, 28 April 2020, www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/lifestyle/culture/poetry-has-always-changed-with-the-changing-world-eavan-boland-keen-for-poetry-to-move-with-digital-age-861943.html Accessed 30 April 2020.

In the Beginning

Poet You constellate the myths, O royal oracle of archetypes. Photo and poem by Jan Claire