May 6, 2020

Poetry Experiment

The Veil Between Worlds

From the Introduction to the Poetry Anthology, The Music of the Aztecs
"This book can change your life. This is a book of poetry and poems can do that. If reading a poem can leave you in a state of heightened mindfulness, it can also increase your understanding of yourself. A poem can even further your personal growth. A good poem can contribute to spiritual development…

Poems exist in a Jungian matrix…

Each person has… keys to interpretation, and one of the values of poetry—perhaps it’s greatest—is that by its mere existence we are forced to look to our own keys, whether or not we ever apply them. A key to interpretation is like a gate to the unconscious… 
Keep in mind the techniques for understanding poetry as you browse through this book, then go back and read it again. Ours is a world on a tightrope, strung between other worlds. Poems are written on the veil between worlds, and where they are, the veil is a little thinner."
                                              ~ David B. Churchill

Photo by Jan Claire 
and writing by David B. Churchill, Editor of The Music of the Aztecs from PonyOneDog Press

In the Beginning

Poet You constellate the myths, O royal oracle of archetypes. Photo and poem by Jan Claire