April 24, 2020

Inspiring Artists, Series 3: Hesse

Hermann Hesse

From the exhibition organized by the Hermann Geiger Cultural Foundation and curated by the Art Director, Alessandro Schiavetti…
Hermann Hesse, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature 1946, is definitely lesser known for his activity as a painter than for his literary masterpieces... [This exhibition]… presents the more intimate, hidden side of an all-round artist who found relief from his existential distress in pictorial expression.”
Jung Connections: “On the advice of his psychoanalyst, a disciple of Carl Gustav Jung, Hesse was initially reluctant to start using colours and brushes, but then he felt so relieved that painting became his preferred activity. Fascinated by the beauty of nature and attracted by the expressive power of colour, Hesse painted over three thousand watercolours during his life, mainly depicting dreamy, brightly coloured landscapes in Ticino, but he also illustrated small volumes and booklets of poems.”
Hermann Hesse’s paintings on Google Images

Video and quotation by Fondazione Geiger

In the Beginning

Poet You constellate the myths, O royal oracle of archetypes. Photo and poem by Jan Claire